Let’s study hard to be a good caregiver who can learn the hearts of users with alumni who have the same goals.

You can study with low burden

This section gives an example of the tuition fee required to study at our school and the scholarship you will receive when studying at our school. You can also check here the expenses that you will need to live in Kanazawa and the expected salaries at the job.

scholarship by institutions 800,000 ~ 2,440,000 yen /2 years It is a future work destination for International students seeking to acquire national qualifications for care giver, scholarships provided by nursing facilities.
scholarship by government ~1,680,000 yen /2 years For international students who loaned scholarships, after graduating from a care worker training facility, it is possible to set up waiver exemption if you engage in nursing care for a certain period of time.
Amount balance of income and expenditure in Kanazawa
students income 2,000,000 yen /year Scholarship 800,000 yen, part time job 83,000 yen per month Remittance 200,000 yen
expenditure 1,900,000 yen/year Living expenses 800,000 yen, rent 300,000 yen, tuition 800,000 yen
nursing employment income 3,000,000 yen/year Salary 3,000,000 yen
expenditure 1,480,000 yen/year Living expenses 1,000,000 yen, rent 480,000 yen